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Legal Issues in the Spa Business

The spa is the place where people come to relax the mind and body. Spas and going to spas has become very famous throughout the world. What these spas offer to their clients is a chance to relax and pamper themselves so that they can get back to their busy and frustrating daily routine.

There are several legal issues that a spa has to consider before setting up the business. Generally, spas are regulated by state or local regulations. Venturing a spa also includes corporate, liability and employment laws. The legal issues might originate from employees, government licensing agencies or unsatisfied customers. The spa industry is not regulated by the specific agency, therefore, the owners must establish their own rules and procedures to protect their company from legal issues.

Let’s Look Into Some Of The Legal Issues Faced By Spa

  • License And Permit To Establish Spa Center: It is necessary that the spa business owner itself apply for a license. Most of the states follow this rule. If the owner wants to promote any products or services which are regulated under health care laws, to distribute these goods the owner must apply for the license. To keep the license the spas must undergo and pass a health inspection. It is compulsory that the spa must be located in the appropriate commercial zone and the owners must take the full responsibility of doing so.
  • Hiring Employees: It is the spa’s owner’s responsibility to make sure that they hire employees who are well trained and have a license in their respective specialties. A spa requires hiring massage therapist, nail technicians, and cosmeticians. All these people must provide a proof of training, workplace experience, professional references and valid licenses for that positions. All these are verified by managers.
  • Inappropriate Behavior: As we all know a spa is a place where there is physical contact between the client and the employee, therefore, it is important that the employees don’t touch the clients inappropriately.
  • Lawsuits For Any Injuries: Many times during massage or skin treatments clients might get a pulled muscle or a facial numbness.This rejuvenating facial in Singapore had to face such lawsuit.This happens when an employee who is not well-trained tries to pull out complicated procedure. This will lead to clients suing the business.